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Interactive Drumming Events for Social and Emotional Health

Share the joy of making music with your school community, organization or special event.

Absolutely no musical or drumming experience required, all instruments provided, everyone plays.

Events typically include 10 - 100 participants, playing drums and interactive games for a duration of 45 - 90 minutes, exploring the themes of teamwork, integrity, and gratitude.

Events for larger groups and/or longer activities available by request.

~ Live Events
~ Event Details
~ Our Commitment to the Ocean

LIVE EVENTS: Let's Design Your Unique Gathering

To create your special event, please tell us about your group and gathering...

1) Date
2) Location
3) Tribal affiliation (educational or professional group, private event, etc.)
4) How many players participating?
5) Duration (Suggest 45 - 60 minutes per session, can be longer)
6) Start time

7) What is the goal of our gathering?
- Perseverance / Dedication “Rhythm of the Fishermen”
- Health Maintenance “Rhythm of the Healer”
- Collaboration / Teamwork “Rhythm of the Warrior”
- Special Occasion / Accomplishment / Milestone “Rhythm of the Matriarch”

8) What is the primary message for your group?

- Celebration
- Affirmations
- Empathy
- Gratitude
- Possibilities

9) Any other special requests or considerations?


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Drumming schedule January - June is mostly sold out, have a few individual dates available. Available for school residencies September - December of '23. Incredibly grateful to everyone at team REMO for all the beautiful new drums they've helped me replace since the car crash. My teaching kit now has better instruments than ever before. Please email if interested in school events, conferences or private gatherings.

Event Details

Please provide an adequate space for the event, including:
- high tolerance for volume,
- flat floor, free of obstructions (no pillars or steps),
- seating for the participants ( i.e, armless chairs or benches)
- room to place seats in a circle and “elbow room” for drumming together
- appropriate lighting, heating and/or cooling as necessary

Participants encouraged to wear clothing suitable for movement.

No musical or drumming experience necessary. Everyone plays.

Drum Tiki musical adventures can include tropical themed decorations like tiki statues, tropical style carvings, palm fronds, etc, by request.

All drums and other percussion instruments provided.

Deposit may be required to secure reservation. Payment in full due on event date.


~ Questions? Click 'Coconut Telegraph' to send us an email ~

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Drum Tiki's Commitment to Our Oceans

Drum Tiki is committed to supporting organizations that protect, clean and preserve our oceans and coastline by providing our events at discounted rates or entirely free of charge.

Drum Tiki will proudly partner with environmentally supportive organizations by providing drumming activities at your event, as a drumming session for your team members, or as a contribution to your fundraising event.

We offer donated and discounted events and services once per quarter. Scheduling can be as far as a year in advance, so if your organization has a special event coming up, happy to discuss possibilities.


Previously donated and discounted events have been proudly provided for:

Surfrider Foundation Ventura Chapter

Pure Stoke Organization


Inquiries welcome.


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