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Our Approach


Every culture drums. We drum together for healing, connection, communication and entertainment. Drumming together releases stress and regenerates our natural state of health. Drumming together accelerates relationship development. In our digital world of continual partial attention the need to spend time together is greater now than ever. Drumming together is proven to alleviate teenage depression caused by the loneliness of excessive time on digital screens. Drumming activities facilitated within residential homes for the elderly can generate “miraculous” lucidity and dexterity for the participants. Drumming events for social and emotional skill development are now being facilitated in schools, universities, businesses, hospitals, retirement centers, facilities for the physically challenged, family counseling centers, community centers - everywhere people get together to reconnect and thrive. Drum Tiki brings you back into rhythm. Drum Tiki brings you and your tribe back together. Interactive drumming games and exercises designed to challenge, engage, and rejuvenate your group.

Our Story


The “Tiki” theme is a combination of an enjoyable instructional cosmology and our environmental priorities. The suggestion, “Imagine yourself on a tropical island,” invites us out of our routines and engages our imaginations. By pairing our curriculum with characterizations of imaginary villagers our participants are invited to emulate admirable traits of legend. The 1950s Hollywood version of all things Tiki is an amalgamation of Polynesian cultures, and “Tiki” is not trying to authentically replicate or appropriate any one culture, but to celebrate some of the most universally enjoyable traits of tropical life in the islands of the Pacific. When participants learn to play “the rhythm of the fisherman” or “the rhythm of the matriarch” we learn a rhythmic pattern as well as a (“legendary”) trait such as patience, perseverance, cooperation, or gratitude. Drum Tiki events often include lei necklaces as a universally recognized symbol of harmony and goodwill, and our events may include bamboo, palm fronds or tiki statue decorations. Closest and most familiar Polynesian culture to California is Hawaii, so our events often include the Hawaiian words “aloha” and “mahalo” (“hello/goodbye/love” and “thank you”).

With respect to the incredible navigational skills and oceanic explorations of the Polynesians and their exemplary traditions of living sustainably in harmony with nature, our Drum Tiki business is committed to supporting environmental advocacy organizations host ocean clean up and pollution prevention events. Beginning January, 2020, Drum Tiki will provide a drum circle event free of charge for a pro environmental ocean clean up and/or protection organization, once per quarter (every 120 days). The free Drum Tiki event can be a drum circle at your fundraising occasion or a team building event for your staff. Inquiries welcome. Life in rhythm is life well lived.


Drum Tiki’s drumming event protocols were developed by our founder, Cameron Tummel, M.F.A, during the thirty-plus years of his career facilitating rhythm based events with youth and family groups throughout North America, Europe and Asia. Cameron Tummel works internationally as a trainer and consultant for drum circle facilitators, recently served as President of the Drum Circle Facilitators Guild, and is uniquely qualified as the lead trainer for Arthur Hull’s Village Music Circles Global Advanced Facilitator Training in Japan. Cameron Tummel has a Masters in Fine Arts (MFA) World Percussion from California Institute of the Arts, is a graduate of both Health Rhythms and Beat the Odds drumming protocols, and is Certified by the Drum Circle Facilitators Guild. Tummel has been sponsored by the Santa Barbara Bowl Foundation to provide drumming events for schools every year since 2001 and has been a requested presenter at Percussive Arts Society International Convention (PASIC) and the World Rhythm Festival repeatedly.


(See also: Stress relieving, uplifting, humorous, creative, rejuvenating, empowering, and enjoyable.)

People learn faster when they’re happy. Students are more cooperative and collaborative when they’re happy. We intentionally design our protocol to be as enjoyable as it is challenging and educational. Our Drum Tiki curriculum prioritizes participation above musical perfection, collaboration rather than individual achievement, and inclusion instead of stratification. Everyone participates, everyone plays, we all take turns leading and following. In each of our musical games the facilitator demonstrates the activity and then enables the students to take turns being the leader of the game. Within each 45 - 60 minute long Drum Tiki drumming event each student has the opportunity to be the facilitator an average of seven or more times. All Drum Tiki games and activities are individually empowering and emphasize collaboration within a supportive learning environment.