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Drum Tiki provides interactive musical events for social and emotional development

Absolutely no musical or drumming experience required, everyone plays, all instruments are provided.

Events usually include 15 - 50 participants, playing for 45 - 60 minutes, exploring the themes of teamwork, integrity, and gratitude, while playing drums and interactive games, challenging ourselves to sustain drumming pattern/s and lightweight movements.

Design Your Tribal Gathering

1) Date:
2) Location:

3) Tribal affiliation (educational or professional group, private event, etc.):

4) How many tribal members participating?

5) Duration: (Suggest 45 - 60 minutes per session):
6) Start time:

7) What will be the theme for our musical game?
- Affirmations
- Empathy
- Gratitude
- Possibilities

8) Will your Drum Tiki musical adventure include…

Lightweight or moderate movement games
Guided imagery story telling using drums for sound effects

9) What is the goal of our gathering?
- Perseverance / Dedication “Rhythm of the Fishermen”
- Health Maintenance “Rhythm of the Healer”
- Collaboration / Teamwork “Rhythm of the Warrior”
- Special Occasion / Accomplishment / Milestone “Rhythm of the Matriarch”

Groovy Details

Drum Tiki musical adventures include tropical themed decorations like tiki statue/s, palm fronds, and/or bamboo.

Everyone gets to wear a lei-style necklace (wooden or plastic) during the event.

All drums and other percussion instruments provided.

Participants encouraged to wear clothing suitable for movement.
No musical or drumming experience necessary. Everyone plays.

Deposit may be required to secure reservation. Payment in full due on event date.

Please provide an adequate space for the event, including a high tolerance for volume, a flat floor, free of obstructions (no pillars or steps), seating for the participants ( i.e, armless chairs or benches) and enough room to place seats in a circle with “elbow room” for drumming together, with appropriate lighting, heating and/or cooling as necessary.

Drum Tiki's Commitment to Our Oceans

Beginning January, 2020, Drum Tiki will partner with an environmentally supportive organization once every 90 days by providing drumming event/s for their benefit, free of charge, either as contributions to a fundraising event or as a drumming session for their team members. Our favorite organizations are those striving to protect and clean the oceans. Inquiries welcome.

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